GloPal - Palestine's Global IT Network
"A Whole New State of Mind"

The Palestinian IT Association has created a global support network for the Palestinian IT industry. The network provides linkages and opportunities for Palestinian companies, entrepreneurs, investors and IT professionals to develop and link with opportunities outside the boundaries of Palestine and the region.

The GloPal concept is based around engaging skilled members of Arab and Palestinian Diaspora as well as Friends of Palestine and tapping into their resources, knowledge, and contacts. Such utilization will be focused on placing Palestine on the global ICT map.

GloPal, as a new networking platform for ICT experts and business leaders, aims to:

  • Showcase the Palestinian IT sector's capabilities and opportunities.
  • Create linkages between Palestinian IT businesses and the rest of the world.
  • Explore potential markets and worldwide business opportunities.
  • Drive the diaspora's engagement and utilize their expertise.
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience.
  • Assist entrepreneurs in building successful start-ups.
  • Mentor and coach Palestinian IT businesses.

Our platform, is carefully designed to serve the Palestinian ICT economy and engage diaspora through 4 different expert groups:

  • Academia - Industry Partnership: Development of Human capacity and R&D in IT.
  • ICT Enterprise Development & Market Penetration.
  • ICT Sector Branding
  • Advocacy and enhancement of the ICT business environment.
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High value individuals who are interested in the following:

  • Be a catalyst to the growth of the Palestinian economy and the ICT sector in particular
  • Have the knowledge, the contacts, and the time needed to help the network grow and support its development objectives.
  • Grow their career outside the boundaries of the US.

: For more information about the Palestine's Global IT Network please don't hesitate to contact Ms. Lina Shamia, Projects Officer at:

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